Family Housing Projects

PREDIO ARQUITECTURA, offers its services in the three areas in which the professional sector is structured in Spain: Project, Construction Management and Project Administration. Houses designed and built under the direction of our Studio are held in high esteem on the Real Estate market, which adds value to the property.

House Renovation Projects

Numerous renovation projects have been developed by PREDIO ARQUITECTURA. With our help, you can make the right decisions for your renovation and optimize your investment.

Assessment on purchasing land

The purchase of the land is the most crucial decision to make as this will influence the price, characteristics and value of the future property. PREDIO ESTATES offers its clients the following services:
- Comparative analyses of the offers received, according to the location and characteristics of the land.
- Progress report of the project carried out on the acquired land.
- Pre-estimate for the future building project.

Assessment on purchasing houses

PREDIO ESTATES offers you:
- Comparative analyses of the offers received, according to location and characteristics of the properties.
- Architectural study of any possible improvements to be made on the house.
- Pre-estimate for the carrying out of possible improvements.